• Services mediation that can be resolved numerous disputes - from the civil law, such as granituire, claim, evacuation, sharing in family law - divorce, separation, custody, visitation minors to the law Criminal - impactor prior complaints, defamation, possession disorder, destruction, commercial law - payment summons, claims, enforcing contracts, disputes between shareholders and labor law - labor rights, dismissal.
- Mediation is an alternative justice in relation to the resolution of conflicts between parties by a third party neutral, impartial and free decision-making power - the mediator - helps parties to find together a solution to resolve disagreements between them.
- Mediation is part of the family of alternative methods of dispute resolution - ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
- Number of increasingly large court processes is significant lack of desire but also to inform the justice of the effective use dialogue to resolve disputes.
- Because the current legal environment discourages quick resolution of disputes, some conflicts, the company needs a more efficient way to solve them. That way is mediation.
- Mediation procedure and takes relatively little cost, it takes place in conditions of maximum confidentiality, the mediator has the obligation to keep secret debates, both from people who come into contact in the mediation process, and from experts that parts of them engage in various causes.