Civil Law

• Claims, stock owners, claims, obligations to do, inheritance and shared out of tenancy, evictions, granituiri, surveying, tabulation, mortgage cancellation, sale-buy contracts, donations, exchange, lease, loan, mortgage, loan, etc. ., claims against insurance companies / reinsurance.
• The procedure for enforcement: formula investing enforceable legal assistance and representation in enforcement proceedings before the bailiffs and the court, appeals and opposition to execution.
• Recovery of real estate - construction and land-confiscated during the years 1945-1989 (Law 10/2001). In these procedures can provide competent support in this area by representing and assisting in front of the court, or other competent authorities , mayors, prefects, ANRP, Property Fund, for a fair compensation in kind or by equivalent lawyers in our office can prepare, submit any applications, notices, claims, actions before any authority, and can offer expert advice. also assist clients with lawyer referral procedure of the ECHR in the matter of ownership.