Law Office Patrascu Razvan you are successful in the legal courts in Romania, while ensuring ongoing legal advice to avoid and / or clarification of legal issues and resolve all conflicts are involved.
   Customers benefit from our office a complete package of quality legal services specifically tailored to meet their requirements, including both assistance and representation in court and expert legal advice.
   Our clients are both businesses that require legal assistance in the activities they undertake, and individuals.
   In order to achieve what we set about our customers, constantly collaborating with specialists from various fields (notaries, bailiffs, accountants, tax consultants, industrial property attorneys, certified translators, experts and land surveyors).
   Our law office provides excellent services for our guests by:
      • Assistance and legal representation.
      • Consultations with legal and applications.
      • Drafting of legal documents attesting the identity of the parties, the content and date of documents submitted for authentication.