About the legal profession

   According to Law no. 51/1995 on the organization and the profession of lawyer and the Statute of the legal profession, the practicing lawyer is independent and subject only to the law, the profession and code of conduct. Profession is free and independent, autonomous organization and operation.
    Lawyer promotes and defends the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of man.
    The lawyer has the right to assist and represent individuals and businesses in the courts of the judiciary and other organs of the judiciary, prosecuting authorities, the public authorities and institutions and to other natural or legal persons who are required to permit and ensure unhindered activity of his lawyer in the law.
    The right of defense counsel has the right and obligation to insist on free access to justice for a fair trial in a reasonable time.
    In practicing lawyer in this connection is protected by law.
    The lawyer has the right to attend and represent any person or entity, under a written contract, which becomes fixed date by registration in official records.
    In the profession, the lawyer may be subject to any restrictions, pressure, coercion or intimidation from the authorities or public institutions or other natural or legal persons. Freedom and independence are guaranteed by law attorney.
    For his business is entitled to attorney fees and to cover all expenses incurred in the interest of his client's procedural.
    To ensure secrecy, papers and professional nature under the attorney or his office shall be inviolable.
    In practicing lawyers are protected by law and may not be treated as civil servant or other employee.